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 Dear Reader,

Greetings, and Welcome!

This is a site that focuses on the adventures of Yeoman Janice Rand and a certain special young man in her life.

Sorry, I've already told you that in my sidebar introduction, didn't I?

However, there is one thing that I didn't tell you just yet...

This particular object of Rand's desire is NOT Captain James T. Kirk!  Oops, maybe I told you that too!

I can hear you fans of the Kirk/Rand pairing right about now yelling "Say it isn't so!"

Well, I'm here to say that it is so--and I'm loving every minute of it!

I know that I'll probably have to explain myself, as to how I came to put Janice Rand in this pairing.

Originally, I was writing a story called A Place of Truth which was to feature a Spock/Uhura pairing.  Janice Rand played a secondary character in this adventure, as Uhura's best friend and confidant.  As important a character as Rand was in the story, the lovers Spock and Uhura were to be the main characters of this romantic adventure tale.  However, a funny thing happened while I was writing this saga.

The more I developed Janice Rand in my story, the more she began to upstage Uhura.

Janice Rand's character would always come across as the more interesting character; funnier, more colorful, tougher, more resourceful.  Frankly, it got to the point where Uhura started to recede into the background.  What on Earth was going on?  It's not like I planned this.

What did I do about this, you ask?  Honestly, I didn't do anything about it.  I figured that Rand could get her own story, but only after I had finished with Uhura's.   But then, I got bored with the work and abandoned it.  I didn't bother to pick up A Place of Truth for two years.

It wasn't until 2011 when I decided to try once again with Uhura's narrative.

So, like a dutiful little writer, I continued where I left off and wrote again.  But, as I worked on the story, a romantic tale for Janice Rand started coming to me in bits and chunks, until it finally came to me as one complete whole.  Janice's story eventually pushed against me so much that I decided to postpone A Place of Truth, so that I could begin Janice's story, Your Enemy is Dead.

As for the first story, I ended up abandoning it altogether.  I have absolutely no desire to ever pick it up again.

You see, it's one thing to write a story about an established slash pairing.  However, it's a far more gratifying experience when you come up with a pairing of your very own.

Well, almost my very own.  Janice Rand belongs to Gene Roddenberry, after all.

Your Enemy is Dead is in nine parts, and will be presented twice a month on this blog.  The twice monthly entries are done for two reasons.

The first reason has to do with final corrections, as I need to make them before I can post them on my blog.  I like to edit my work, put it aside for about a week or two, and then return to it for possible re-editing.  This might sound like a bit much, but this is how I work.

Sorry about that.

The second reason for the twice monthly entries is because a long story could be a bit daunting on a website.  Well, at least I think so.  I get overwhelmed when I see that little blue ball at the far right end of the screen getting smaller and smaller, while the amount of words become more abundant.

Like I said--daunting.

So, I thought that giving you this story(and future stories, hopefully) in smaller dosages would make it easier for you to take in.

Well, I'm done here for now.  The first installment to my story will be on my blog by the end of the week.

Oh, and one more thing if you will.

Please excuse the appearance of this blog, as it is a work in progress.  I will have images up as soon as I find pictures that are both to my liking and free of copyright infringement.

Take care.


I spotted a story on another site
with a scene that was a little too
similar with aspects of my story.
It freaked me out, quite frankly.
As a fan fiction writer, I really have
no recourse in such a situation.
So, the next best thing is to
put down information as to when
this story was  originally worked on.  So, here
it goes-

Outline completed: June 1, 2011
Draft Zero completed: Sept 6, 2011
First Draft completed: Dec 20, 2011
Second and Third Draft completed:
Jan 28, 2012 (you'd be amazed by
all the corrections you can do
quickly on your computer. Try
doing two drafts on the same day
on a typewriter-ha, ha).
Fourth Draft completed: Jan 29, 2012.
Originally published Jan 29, 2012
on another site.  Pulled off site
for more editing.  Never republished
on the other site.

All my stories will have the dates of
each stage of completion at the end
of their final chapters.

Thank you.


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