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'Tis Charity to Show Chapter I Part 2 : Warning for sexual content

‘Tis Charity to Show
Chapter I
Part 2

The dilitheum crystal chamber was long, narrow, and pristine white, its passageway arched at the ceiling so that it resembled the corridors of old cathedrals.  The crystals were encased behind glass panels and situated atop display stands.  The place shimmered with the understated glow of dilitheum power, a testament to why the Enterprise needed them.

 Rand placed a hand over her eyes, like a visor, so that they could adjust to the emanations coursing through the chambers.  As her vision eased into the light, Rand saw a tall, muscular emerald figure standing just a few feet in front of her.  Khobran was immersed in his work, his left-hand scribbling away on his padd while he glanced periodically at the crystals in front of him.  Rand stood where she was, hugging her own padd to her breasts while her eyes swept over every inch of him.  She stood like this for awhile, not saying a word, wondering to herself when he’d finally look up from his note-taking to see her.

“Are you taking their orders, or what?” Rand quipped. 

Khobran looked up from his padd and gave Rand one of his big, wicked grins.  “Hey, Platinum!  How long have you been standing there?” 
“I just got here, lover.”

“Talk about seeing a light at the end of this tunnel!”

“In this tunnel?” cooed Rand.  “I didn’t think it could get any more lit than this.”

“Well, you’ve managed to do just that, babe!”

“You always know the right thing to say.”

The lovers hurried to each other and embraced, kissing with abandon, their padds awkwardly slung over each other’s shoulder.  Khobran accented his kisses with gentle nips at Rand’s lower lip.

“Oh, Khobran, I really have to get these stupid checklists done,” sighed Rand, rubbing her lips against his.

“Are you telling me that you actually want to stop this unprofessional conduct?”  They both chuckled and kissed again.

“I wish we could play like this all day, lover, but I…really…need…to...get…this…list…done.”
As she spoke, Rand traced her slender finger along Khobran’s forehead, then down the slope of his nose, making a detour around his full lips.

“It’s your fault, you know,” Khobran whispered. He pressed Rand towards him by her upper back so that her breasts flattened against the lower portion of his chest.  “We don’t spend much time together for what seems like eternity, and you come waltzing in here looking like a knockout with your hair up like that!  All you need are a pair of wired-rimmed glasses and you’d look like a naughty librarian ready for a hot fuck under the stacks.” As if to emphasize the point, Khobran reached down with his other hand and gave her rump a firm, lingering squeeze.

“Now, stop that, you big goofball,” chided Rand, playfully smacking her boyfriend on his chest.  “You, my dear, are not focusing on the task at hand!  All you want to do is think of ways to debauch me in front of all these watchful crystals.”

“Ah, but don’t you want to give them something to talk about?”

“And be the subject of gossip in these hallowed walls?”

“But it might be fun!”

“Fun reserved for another time, lover.”

Khobran reluctantly released his girlfriend, but he stood very close behind her, brushing his chin against her neatly wrapped hair and tracing his fingers along the nape of her neck.

“Khobran, you idiot!  You’ll mess up my hair,” Rand said feigning annoyance.  She strategically held her padd and pen in front of her.  “We really need to start this now,” she said, leaning and pressing into Khobran.

“You realize it’s been almost a week since I had those amazing breasts of yours in my mouth.  God, I crave the feel of your hard nipples under my tongue,” he whispered hoarsely in her ear.

“Khobran, pleeeease…”  Rand nuzzled her cheek against  Khobran’s while he reached under her breasts and gave them a long, hard squeeze.  She giggled, hitting Khobran’s hands with her pen.  “You’re being a very naughty boy, Khobran!  I need to take inventory on the amount of dilithium crystals…”

“Later,” said Khobran, easing his tongue in Rand’s ear.

“I n-need to check if there are any conductors that have to be replaced…”

“That can wait,” said Khobran, cupping her breasts and kneading them.  “Why don’t you just relax.”  He scooped one of his large hands under the collar of Rand’s uniform, and inside her bra. His fingers and palm found her full, taunt globe and gripped it triumphantly.  Rand’s lips parted, a moan escaping from her throat as her tongue ran along the bottom of her upper teeth.  Khobran’s fingers closed around her nipple and pulled at it, twisting it, coaxing it alive under his touch.

“Oh, Janice, you have no idea how many times I think about ravishing you by various and creative means!  Our schedules have been absolute sticks up our asses as of late!”

Stick up my ass!  I like that metaphor,” gasped Rand, her padd and pen dropping to the floor.

“Oh, Khobran!  Yes, yeeeess God!” She moaned while she scooped her hands under his arms and found his biceps.  Rand held them, gripping them as her lover continued his erotic handiwork.

“I wish I could suck this off,” Khobran said heatedly, rubbing her hardened sensitized nipple between his thick thumb and forefinger.

“Sucking, huh?  How about me sucking you off, and then you stick that big hearty thing of yours inside me!  That’s what I wish we could do!”

“Mmm, maybe we can make a compromise here.”  Khobran took the middle finger of his other hand and traced it along her lips.  Rand responded by reaching her tongue out and wrapping it around his finger, urging it into her mouth where she sucked it greedily.  Khobran pumped his finger slowly, in and out of his lover’s mouth before pulling it out completely and then reaching down between the fabric of her regulation pants, her lace panties, and hose.  Rand caught her breath and spread her long legs, the lips between them already wet from anticipation and hunger for his probing.

“Hello, Khobran?  Are you in there? I’ll need help in the chamber pretty soon! I’ll be coming in shortly!”  The voice of Lt.Zmed, the crystal specialist.  Khobran and Rand were instantly snapped back to the reality of their situation, the heat of the moment dissipated.  Khobran quickly withdrew his finger from Rand and moved away from her, picking up his padd from the floor where he had tossed it earlier in the throes of lust.

Rand followed suit by straightening herself up and reaching out for her own discarded padd.  Amist all the hair patting and throat clearing, the lovers would give each other occasional glances, struggling valiantly through mischievous, barely restrained laughter.  They were able to get themselves together, though, so that by the time a suspicious Scotty and a clueless Lt. Zmed finally entered the area, Khobran had his padd and pen in his hand, rattling off figures to Rand while she wrote hastily onto her own padd. 

“Good Morning, everyone!  How are things going?” chirped Zmed.

“Oh, fine, Zmed!  I’m just giving Janice the inventory.  I’ll be right with you, okay?”

“I’ll wait, it’s not a problem.”

Khobran and Rand were able to go through the inventory quickly, since nothing had really changed much since the last time inventory was taken in the chambers.

“Have everything you need, Janice?”

“Yeah, got it. Thanks.  Walk me out?”

“Absolutely.  I’ll be right back, guys!”

Rand waved to Scotty and Zmed while Khobran walked behind her, placing his hand on the small of her back.  When the two of them reached the door, Khobran slid his hand around Rand’s waist, gathering her close to him.

“So, when am I going to see you again, and I mean for an hour at least.  This fifteen minutes here and thirty minutes there simply isn’t cutting it for me,” he whispers, brushing his lips behind Rand’s ear.

“Well, I think that the good captain is giving me an early dismissal at 1700 hours for the rest of the day, as a reward for that double shift I had to do with that insufferable Tellerite ambassador yesterday.  Of course, I don’t know why Captain Kirk couldn’t give me a full day off, but I’m not complaining, believe me,” said Rand.  She swirled around and leaned into Khobran, pressing herself against his chest, enjoying its hardness.  She looked up at him and playfully batted her eyes.

On hearing this long awaited and welcoming news, Khobran broke into an elated smile.  “Really, you’re kidding!  I’m off at around 1800 hours for the rest of the night myself!  Where do you want to meet?”

“My quarters, my bed.”

“Your wish is my command.”

They kissed tenderly for awhile before releasing each other.

“Oh, and darling?”

“Yes, lover?”

“You might want to fix your hair.  Looks like it’s been through a bit.”

Rand gave Khobran a little smirk.  “Thanks for the tip.”

“No problem,” he quipped, swatting Rand on her miniskirted backside as she existed the chamber.



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'Tis Charity to Show Chapter I Part 1

Title: ‘Tis Charity to Show
Author: ProvidenceMine
Fandom: Star Trek
Series: TOS
Parts: 1/8
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Codes: R/m, K, S, Sc, Riley

Summary: When Rand and the rest of the landing party beam down on a desert planet, they find that torment is the monster that is bent on destroying them.

Note: This story was inspired by Paramount Pictures’ Event Horizon and Stanislaw Lem’s book Solaris. The line “tis charity to show” is the very last line of Act IV Scene I of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, although the prose in which it’s taken from does not pertain to the happenings of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, nor do I own its characters.  I am merely borrowing them here for my fan fiction story.  I will not, in any way, profit from this piece.

This story takes place a year after Your Enemy is Dead.

‘Tis Charity to Show
Chapter l
Part 1

Yeoman Janice Rand stood in front of her dresser mirror, turning her head at various angles so she could inspect her French twist hairdo.  Not being one to leave anything to chance, she leaned in, took a few steps back to stand at a distance, and cocked her head from side to side.  Some people wouldn’t have the patience for such detail to self-inspection, but for Rand, it always paid off. Right on the left side of her nape peeked out a thin, coiling strand of platinum hair, throwing off an otherwise clean, elegant, upswept line.  Catching the offending wisp, she grabbed a small amber bob pin from a tray on her dresser, hooked it in the metal loop, and tucked the little sucker in. 

“See what diligence does for a girl?” she thought to herself.

Rand smiled at her reflection in the mirror as she stood back again for one last little inspection.  “There you go,” she said aloud, tugging at the sleeves of her uniform and smoothing the back of its skirt.  Reaching for her recorder on the dresser, she harnessed it on her shoulder, grabbed her padd, and stepped through the automated doors of her quarters.

Rand trotted briskly down the corridors, which, for this early in the morning, were bustling with life as crewmembers hurried on to their assigned posts.  She kept her eyes peeled straight ahead, heading for the nearest turbolift that would get her to work, initially unphased by the longing glances of the many crewmen who passed her by.  But with the often clownish, yet good-natured cat calls tossed her way, Rand couldn’t help but smile to herself.  “Men,” she thought with begrudging amusement.

The turbolift stood idle up ahead of Rand, its doors open and its interior unoccupied.  “Thank God for convenience,” she chirped as she picked up the pace and skipped into the lift.  “Empty too.  Nice when you don’t feel like talking to anyone,” she thought. 

“Engineering,” she said aloud.  On that prompting, the turbolift shut its doors and started towards its destination with its familiar hum reverberating under the yeoman’s feet.
The day seemed to be starting off well, so far.  Her hair was in place, and she was able to catch the first lift available without having to wait.  All of this, and a turbolift all to herself.  So far, so not too bad!

It was another day of detail runs for Rand, as she would have to check in to different departments to take inventory on what was needed and how things were running.  She tapped on her padd with her pen and sighed.  “Come on, come on,” she urged softly.  Rand couldn’t get to her destination fast enough.  She would start her detail runs in the dilitheum crystal chamber, located in the lower levels of engineering.  “Will Khobran be there?” she mused to herself.  She felt her smile become even wider while images of her Orion lover enticed her; his smile, his eyes, his shoulders, the way he looked at her, spoke to her, his voice.  A full, whole week had passed since they’d been able to spend any good length of time together, their conflicting schedules like passing ships, unable to steer themselves towards each other. It’s been a year since Rand and Khobran’s relationship began, and she still couldn’t believe just how lucky she was to have found him—this magnificent gem of a man!

The zip of the turbolift’s doors startled Rand, and after taking a minute to gather her bearings, she stepped out onto the engineering level and headed to the direction of the dilitheum crystal chamber.  This particular walk was always a long one, and usually one which she dreaded.  She did take the opportunity to see, if by any chance, she’d spot Khobran working around there.  Engineering was so vast, it wasn’t unusual to have to resort to using the intercom to reach someone down there.  “Well, I know he’s somewhere in these lower depths,” Rand thought to herself hopefully. 

“Aye, if it isn’t Righteous Rand,” boomed a familiar, jovial voice from behind her.

Rand smiled, and turned on her heels to see Chief Engineering Officer Montgomery Scott standing a small distance away, his arms crossed over his chest, smiling back at her.

“Hey, Scotty!” she called back to him.

“I see you’re not up on the bridge, so that must mean that you’re doing checklists on this fine morning,” said Scotty, taking a few steps towards Rand.

“Yup.  I’m headed for the dilitheum crystal chamber right now for my first stop,” she said.
“Work, work, and more work to be done.  Right?”

“Well, if this isn’t going to be your lucky day,” teased Scotty.

Rand shrugged her shoulders, initially not comprehending.  Then, her eyes grew wide and her smile grew even wider when she put two and two together.

“Khobran’s in there?!”

“As sure as we’re standing across from each other!  But, if you want to see him, you’ll have to take the trek over there!” Scotty gestured broadly in the direction where Rand was headed.

Rand took a breath and turned her attention to the doors of the chamber, situated at a healthy distance which she’d have to “trek,” as Scotty put it.  Somehow, the long walk didn’t seem too daunting anymore.

“Thank you, Scotty,” said Rand, turning and starting on her path.

“Anytime, Righteous!”

Oh, was she looking forward to seeing Khobran in the privacy of those chambers.  They’d only have a few minutes together, but she’d make sure they’d make them count, as she felt her hips sway unconsciously to the music of her heat.


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When Janice Lost Jim: A little musing on Yeoman Rand's last appearance on TOS Star Trek

I remember the scene from the TOS episode The Conscience of the King, where Yeoman Rand steps off the turbolift and onto the deck of the bridge at the same time that a character named Lenore Karidian is heading into the opposite direction.  They are like passing ships, if you will.

To clarify things, Lenore Karidian is a new love interest for Captain Kirk-- in  much the same way that Yeoman Rand was, up to this point.

While the two young women pass one another, Rand gives Karidian a pronounced look that clearly depicts jealousy.  Karidian, on the other hand, her head cast downward from the yeoman's gaze, doesn't even give her a passing glance.

What's also interesting about this scene is that Captain Kirk is not looking in Rand's direction as she steps onto the bridge, but in Karidian's direction as she enters the turbolift.

Apparently, Janice Rand had every reason to feel threatened, for that was the moment she lost Kirk, and, sadly enough, The Conscience of the King was the last TOS episode that she would appear in.

The Conscience of the King was episode #13 of the first season of TOS Star Trek, while the first season actually had 29 episodes.  The character of Janice Rand didn't even make it through the whole first season.  Talk about being kicked to the curb!

Rand lost Kirk, and Lenore Karidian was the beginning of a string of either failed or shallow brief romances for Jim Kirk.

Rand, for sure, was always a constant presence for Kirk.  While it is duly noted that these two characters could never become an item due to Starfleet Regulations, Kirk could, at least, see the admiring and glowing presence of Rand in his vicinity--whether she was standing next to his chair on the bridge, working on the logs at the back-room desk in his quarters, or beaming down with him on a mission that he was leading.  These two characters could always ( at least theoretically ) glance at each other, exchange smiles, even brush up against each other in passing. True, it's not a relationship, but it's something reassuring and mutual.

It is interesting to note how the producers chose to drop the character of Janice Rand.  They didn't have her transferred to another ship, nor did they have her quit Starfleet for other pursuits.  Whether it was done on purpose or not, the producers picked a final exit for Rand that played out rather symbolically; the original love interest threatened and pushed aside by one of a long line of new romantic interests.

In with the new, out with the old.

Perhaps I'm reading a bit too deeply into this particular scene. Honestly, I really don't care, because the meaning of that scene was not only glaring, but sad.

I've always hated the way that Rand's last appearance played out on the show.  It was a shitty exit, and I didn't like the fact that Rand lost Kirk.

The more that I looked at that particular scene, the more I wanted to see a situation where Kirk lost Rand.  He got off a bit too easily for my taste, quite frankly.

On second thought, maybe not.  Kirk's heart was badly broken at the end of that episode when his new love interest, Lenore Karidian, ended up being a psychopathic murderess.

Ouch!  Talk about having bad luck with the ladies!

Not only did I want Kirk to lose Rand, I wanted him to lose Rand to a man who would be able to give her the steady, dependable love that was her right.

Didn't Rand deserve that kind of love?  After all the unrequited love for Kirk( sort of ), the often dismissive glances, the barked orders, and the overall hiding of tender feelings for Rand ( think back to the tepid hug from the episode Miri ).  Hey, let's not forget the attempted rape in the episode The Enemy Within!

It is true that I could have written yet another Kirk/Rand story where the captain and yeoman do manage to get together, but as one can clearly see that prospect didn't really excite me.  I honestly never even considered it, because it wouldn't exactly be Janice Rand moving on in love, would it?

There was another thing that I definitely didn't want to do with Rand, and that was to pair her with another familiar character in the canon, like Sulu or McCoy.  I wanted to pair Rand with someone new, fresh, and, if you will, exotic.

What is it about us fan fiction writers that compel us to see our favorite characters happy in a new situation, whether it be in a love relationship or a job promotion?  Is it a psychological inadequacy on our part?  Maybe it is.

Frankly, I really don't give a shit.  I'm having way too much fun here!

Now that I've established Starfleet's Ultimate Blonde with this young virile alien man, I can gleefully say that I'm looking forward to writing many stories with this couple.  Their journey should be an interesting one, and I hope you'll be taking the trip with them.