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'Tis Charity to Show Chapter I Part 1

Title: ‘Tis Charity to Show
Author: ProvidenceMine
Fandom: Star Trek
Series: TOS
Parts: 1/8
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Codes: R/m, K, S, Sc, Riley

Summary: When Rand and the rest of the landing party beam down on a desert planet, they find that torment is the monster that is bent on destroying them.

Note: This story was inspired by Paramount Pictures’ Event Horizon and Stanislaw Lem’s book Solaris. The line “tis charity to show” is the very last line of Act IV Scene I of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, although the prose in which it’s taken from does not pertain to the happenings of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, nor do I own its characters.  I am merely borrowing them here for my fan fiction story.  I will not, in any way, profit from this piece.

This story takes place a year after Your Enemy is Dead.

‘Tis Charity to Show
Chapter l
Part 1

Yeoman Janice Rand stood in front of her dresser mirror, turning her head at various angles so she could inspect her French twist hairdo.  Not being one to leave anything to chance, she leaned in, took a few steps back to stand at a distance, and cocked her head from side to side.  Some people wouldn’t have the patience for such detail to self-inspection, but for Rand, it always paid off. Right on the left side of her nape peeked out a thin, coiling strand of platinum hair, throwing off an otherwise clean, elegant, upswept line.  Catching the offending wisp, she grabbed a small amber bob pin from a tray on her dresser, hooked it in the metal loop, and tucked the little sucker in. 

“See what diligence does for a girl?” she thought to herself.

Rand smiled at her reflection in the mirror as she stood back again for one last little inspection.  “There you go,” she said aloud, tugging at the sleeves of her uniform and smoothing the back of its skirt.  Reaching for her recorder on the dresser, she harnessed it on her shoulder, grabbed her padd, and stepped through the automated doors of her quarters.

Rand trotted briskly down the corridors, which, for this early in the morning, were bustling with life as crewmembers hurried on to their assigned posts.  She kept her eyes peeled straight ahead, heading for the nearest turbolift that would get her to work, initially unphased by the longing glances of the many crewmen who passed her by.  But with the often clownish, yet good-natured cat calls tossed her way, Rand couldn’t help but smile to herself.  “Men,” she thought with begrudging amusement.

The turbolift stood idle up ahead of Rand, its doors open and its interior unoccupied.  “Thank God for convenience,” she chirped as she picked up the pace and skipped into the lift.  “Empty too.  Nice when you don’t feel like talking to anyone,” she thought. 

“Engineering,” she said aloud.  On that prompting, the turbolift shut its doors and started towards its destination with its familiar hum reverberating under the yeoman’s feet.
The day seemed to be starting off well, so far.  Her hair was in place, and she was able to catch the first lift available without having to wait.  All of this, and a turbolift all to herself.  So far, so not too bad!

It was another day of detail runs for Rand, as she would have to check in to different departments to take inventory on what was needed and how things were running.  She tapped on her padd with her pen and sighed.  “Come on, come on,” she urged softly.  Rand couldn’t get to her destination fast enough.  She would start her detail runs in the dilitheum crystal chamber, located in the lower levels of engineering.  “Will Khobran be there?” she mused to herself.  She felt her smile become even wider while images of her Orion lover enticed her; his smile, his eyes, his shoulders, the way he looked at her, spoke to her, his voice.  A full, whole week had passed since they’d been able to spend any good length of time together, their conflicting schedules like passing ships, unable to steer themselves towards each other. It’s been a year since Rand and Khobran’s relationship began, and she still couldn’t believe just how lucky she was to have found him—this magnificent gem of a man!

The zip of the turbolift’s doors startled Rand, and after taking a minute to gather her bearings, she stepped out onto the engineering level and headed to the direction of the dilitheum crystal chamber.  This particular walk was always a long one, and usually one which she dreaded.  She did take the opportunity to see, if by any chance, she’d spot Khobran working around there.  Engineering was so vast, it wasn’t unusual to have to resort to using the intercom to reach someone down there.  “Well, I know he’s somewhere in these lower depths,” Rand thought to herself hopefully. 

“Aye, if it isn’t Righteous Rand,” boomed a familiar, jovial voice from behind her.

Rand smiled, and turned on her heels to see Chief Engineering Officer Montgomery Scott standing a small distance away, his arms crossed over his chest, smiling back at her.

“Hey, Scotty!” she called back to him.

“I see you’re not up on the bridge, so that must mean that you’re doing checklists on this fine morning,” said Scotty, taking a few steps towards Rand.

“Yup.  I’m headed for the dilitheum crystal chamber right now for my first stop,” she said.
“Work, work, and more work to be done.  Right?”

“Well, if this isn’t going to be your lucky day,” teased Scotty.

Rand shrugged her shoulders, initially not comprehending.  Then, her eyes grew wide and her smile grew even wider when she put two and two together.

“Khobran’s in there?!”

“As sure as we’re standing across from each other!  But, if you want to see him, you’ll have to take the trek over there!” Scotty gestured broadly in the direction where Rand was headed.

Rand took a breath and turned her attention to the doors of the chamber, situated at a healthy distance which she’d have to “trek,” as Scotty put it.  Somehow, the long walk didn’t seem too daunting anymore.

“Thank you, Scotty,” said Rand, turning and starting on her path.

“Anytime, Righteous!”

Oh, was she looking forward to seeing Khobran in the privacy of those chambers.  They’d only have a few minutes together, but she’d make sure they’d make them count, as she felt her hips sway unconsciously to the music of her heat.


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