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'Tis Charity to Show Chapter IV Part 4

Tis Charity to Show
Chapter IV
Part 4

Things have settled down to a sense of normalcy.  Mr. Scott and Dr. Begay had set up a table for themselves and sat down for a relaxing game of Backgammon.  Nurse Rose was sitting down in a threadbare, cushioned chair, absorbed in a novel she was reading from her padd.  Rand sat on an equally threadbare couch in a corner of the room, apart from the others, unable, as she tried, to get back to a normalcy of her own.

Rand was constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs, tossing her long, ponytailed hair, and biting her lower lip.  Squirming her butt into the cushion underneath her, she would pass a discrete glance over at the others.  A part of her wondered if they were watching her, if they were aware of her behavior, and another part of her, quite frankly, didn’t give a shit.   Rand smiled to herself as she grabbed her ponytail, wrapped it over her eyes, and held it against the intense light, watching the pins of amber course gently through the flaxen of her hair, when she heard footsteps closing in on her and felt the empty cushion next to her sink in.

“Let me take a wild guess,” she thought.

“Hey.”  It was Rose.

“Hey,” said Rand, releasing her ponytail and letting it drop to her side.

“Well, how about it, Jan?  Wasn’t that, like, really weird and scary with Mr. Spock?  I always thought he was standoffish, but I never thought that he felt that way about humans, huh?  I mean, what do you think?  You think he really meant it?”  asked Rose in a hushed urgency.

Rand turned nonchalantly to Rose, and noticed how the amber light complimented the plains of her otherwise non-descript face, even hollowing out her round jowls.

“ Too bad Rose can’t buy a portable amber-hued lamp to hook around her neck,” she thought.

Looking away from Rose, Rand reached with her fingers and looped them around the band which fastened her ponytail and pulled at it until her blond hair was free, falling around her face and back.  She shook her head and ran her fingers through the strands, reveling in its heaviness and contours of waves as they caressed her shoulders, her waist.

“That’s Spock for you,” said Rand with a simple shrug of her shoulders.  “Always standoffish.  Always weird.  Always so damn superior.”   Rand spoke breathlessly, beguilingly, each sentence ending with a drag of the final letter in each word.  Tracing her fingers over her lips, she continued to cross and uncross her legs.

“Did someone mention Spock’s name?”

Rand and Rose looked up to see Dr. Begay and Mr. Scott heading towards them, abandoning their game as they dragged their chairs along and arranged them around the couch where the women were conversing.

“That was really something earlier!  I’m frankly happy that both Spock and Riley are out of the room,” said Dr. Begay sitting down and leaning forward in his chair.  “ I never thought I’d see the day when a superior officer would vent out his racism to his underlings.  I thought that kind of crap went out in the late 21st Century.”

“In the case of Vulcan, ‘that crap’ was supposed to be done with much, much earlier,” said Rose.

“Well, it seems to me that out neighborhood Vulcan is getting in touch with his ancestral heritage right now,” Begay quipped.

“That Riley was sure feeling his oats, wasn’t he?”  said Rand, crossing her legs high up her thighs and pressing them together discretely.

“Oh my God, was he ever!” exclaimed Rose.  “What was stinging around in his bonnet?”

Rand jutted her breasts and smiled to herself at Rose’s ‘original’ expressions.  What a loser.

“I don’t know, but Riley clearly lost it for sure,” Begay snorted, shaking his head.

There was a brisk laugh that came from Scotty, who was sitting in the chair next to Begay.

“F-fu-for suure!  A l-l-lu-lune!”

A ripple of laughter came from the group, with Scotty laughing the loudest of all of them, leaning back in his chair with fits of howls.

“You said a mouthful, Scotty,” Rose giggled.

When the laughter subsided, Rose placed her hands on her stomach.  “Well, I don’t know about you all, but I really need to get into that kitchen and help myself to some of those snacks! I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!”

Rand squirmed in her seat, squeezing her breasts with her upper arms while she placed her hands daintily over her knee, her manner exaggeratedly flirtatious.

“A horse.  What an interesting choice for an animal,” cooed Rand.  She removed one of her hands from her knee and wove it through her hair.  “Because I’m so freakin’ horny I could fuck one, and his name would be Khobran!  God knows he’s hung like one!  And you can take that to the bank!” Rand hurled that last line for Rose’s undying love of clichés, her delivery being unabashedly brazen, sauntering, torrid.
Mr. Scott, Nurse Rose, and Dr. Begay stopped laughing and simply looked at each other, speechless, their eyes blinking stupidly, as if adjusting to a sudden change in light, their mouths bouncing from dumbfounded slackness to hideously idiotic grins. 

There was an awkward chuckle from Scotty, his head cocking back and forth, with an expression on his face that suggested trapped flatulence.   His eyes shifted helplessly from Begay to Rose, who both had their own embarrassment to deal with.  Not that Rand cared very much, her hand alternating between rubbing and squeezing along the top of her thigh.     Then, Rand abruptly stopped what she was doing and clucked her tongue. 

“Oh,” she said pouting her lips on the ‘o’ and holding it on the vowel in a long, languid drawl.  “I have to go and listen to those boring logs of doctor whoever she is.  Probably hours and hours of absolutely nothing.”

Rand slung herself against the couch and stretched out her body in a way that looked like she was displaying it for desirous eyes, jutting out her breasts and uncurling her long, toned legs, her arms outstretched over her head.  When she finished she flopped her arms down and hoisted herself up and off the couch with deliberate tantalizing slowness. 

“Almost forgot the very thing I’ll need.” 

Rand reached down for the leather folder containing the logs and picked it up off the couch.  Turning to leave, she positioned her body in a quarter profile and tossed her hair for good measure.

“Those little wafers are probably packing weeks worth of stuff.  I better get busy,” she pulled out the word ‘busy’, as if implying something else.

“You know, I think that’s a sound decision, Janice.  Why don’t you do that?  You can use a distraction right about now, clearly,” said Dr. Begay both incredulously and sarcastically.  Rose and Scotty snickered at the doctor’s implied insult, and Dr. Begay couldn’t help but acknowledge the mirth at Rand’s expense.

Rand rolled her eyes and in an indignant huff, waved the others off in blithe dismissal and headed out of the meeting room.

“Oh, whatever,” she drawled, her words echoing behind her out the door.

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