Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I need some help, if you don't mind...


guess who.

This is going to be short.

I've been trying to find Star Trek fan fiction blogspots for a while now, but I have not been too successful.

I know that there has to be some.

If anyone out there knows of any, can you please leave the name of the blogspot in the comment section under this entry.  I'd really like to follow them.

If possible, can you make sure that these are blogspots that are still active?

Looking forward to what you find.

Thank you,

Prov :D


Hey, Dear Reader!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? 

I apologize for that, but you know how it is for a writer when writer’s block becomes a constant companion.

And what a companion it’s been.  Talk about an uninvited guest that refused to leave!

However, I’ve got some pretty good news to share.

I have a working outline for the next story on this blog! 


I’ve had it for a while, but this summer’s been a bit busy so I have not been able to improve on it.  Mind you, it’s just a working outline, but it’s an outline nonetheless.

Hey, working outline or final outline, it feels great to be writing again!

And it couldn’t come a moment too soon, either.  All of the vegetables I had been trying to grow have either come out too scrawny, or they haven’t grown at all.  The only thing they were good for, quite frankly, was the compost bin. 

So, I guess they’ll be no summer garden vegetables for me this year.  Oh, well.

The flowers haven’t faired much better; the spiked primrose and candyturf had grown rather enemically, so they ended up in the compost too.  The pussywillow and white rose bush have been pulled out of the ground, potted and put aside for next spring, because they haven’t grown at all.

There is one bright note in the mist of all this; the hydrangeas are growing, albeit slowly. 

Oh, wait! 

The tulips and daffodils I had planted back in the fall did grow back in the early spring!  I almost forgot about that.

Maybe all of this less-than- fruitful gardening helped me to get those creative juices flowing again.

Creativity begets creativity, I suppose.

Who am I to question it?