Sunday, June 19, 2016

I Don't Normally Talk About the Cast Members of the Reboot...

Normally, I only write remembrances of the original cast members of TOS.  However, I really couldn't go without saying something about this tragedy that hit the reboot cast hard.  So, let me begin...

As I have said in an earlier post, 2015 was a pretty sad year for Star Trek. Nimoy left us, then Whitney, then Hynes, as well as others like James Horner, Harve Bennett, and probably others who I can't recall right now. These people were part of Star Trek's past, and as sad as it is, you do expect that at some point they will leave us.

Who on Earth would have thought that someone from Star Trek's reboot future would leave us too soon?!

I was blown away when I heard the sad news of Anton Yelchin, the young man who played Chekov in the Star Trek reboot films. While it is true that I never liked the first Star Trek reboot, never saw the second one and don't plan to see the third, I truly did like this young actor.  He always gave a strong performance in all of his roles, including the role of Mel Gibson's son in The Beaver.  I even thought that his performance as Chekov was spot on, getting all of the Walter Koenig inflections right and yet making the character his own.

Anton Yelchin was only 27.

Never to see 30.

But, the most tragic thing of all...

He was an only child.

Could you imagine the loss his parents must be feeling right now…

Anton Yelchin

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