Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Like It Or Lump It!

Hi Guys!

ProvidenceMine here!

The Oscars are not normally something that I care much about these days.  The quality of films have not been, shall we say, worth a few hours of my life spending in either a movie theater or on my couch in front of the cable television.

I have better things to do.

However, I think that this years' Oscar nominations are pretty exciting.

No, it has nothing to do with the diversity of the nominations.

It has nothing to do with a huge, flashy musical nearly breaking records in all its nominations.

It's one nomination that makes the Oscars worthwhile for me…

and that is the nomination of Mel Gibson for Best Director for the film Hacksaw Ridge!

That to me is really good news!

It's amazing how a man can say a few words of intolerance when he's drunk or in a bipolar rage and he becomes Public Enemy No.1, especially since intolerance seems to be very chic these days on social media(honestly, the hypocrisy of it all), when there are people in Hollywood who are pedophiles and get away with it!

Was it his politics that they didn't like?

Anyway, there are some feminist crybabies twittering away in the Twitter wasteland whining about the nomination of Mr. Gibson and calling him things like 'dirtbag' and the like.

I only have one thing to say to these femininnies...

and that is…

Get over it, Doll!

Mel Gibson paid his dues ( frankly, I think that Oksana-or whatever her name is-was a lying gold digging tramp) and you need to grow up!

When these liberals start taking aim at the pedophiles and the men who truly abuse women in Tinseltown ( a former governor of California comes to mind ) then I will start taking them seriously.

Godspeed to you, Mr. Gibson!

You truly deserve this.

You most sincerely deserve this nomination.

Take care.